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Admission Helpline 92165-04779, 84278-57283



The school follows the curriculum as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for classes IX to XII because of two reasons. First, CBSE is considered to the most progressive examination board. Secondly, it being national in character is board-based. The curriculum in lower classes, however, is a judicious mixture of innovative educational ideas drawn from the best residential schools of the country and abroad. The students following this curriculum will compare favourably with the best of their counterparts studying in India and Overseas.


With explosion of knowledge and exposure to electronic media, the child needs his classroom learning to be supplemented by way of home work. To ensure that the purpose is achieved the school has made provision for supervised studies and completion of home work outside school hours under the guidance of highly experienced teachers on duty.


KLM International School imparts practical moral education to equip the students with desired social values. Fundamentals of the religion are properly brought home to them so that they can rise above narrow sectarian concepts and become human beings in true sense.


It is an established fact that education that one gives to oneself without any external assistance is the best kind of education. As such good library services for forward looking is a must. With this objective in view the school provides good library services. A visit to library is compulsory for all the students. The students are encouraged to use the school library to supplement their classroom learning and develop their reading habits. The school lays equal emphasis on library use by the teachers as well.


We are fully aware that we are living in the computer Era and to keep our students abreast of the daily changing world. A computer centre marked ALLADIN’S GIANT has been established by the school. The Computer Centre is fitted with an air conditioner and most modern computer peripherals. It also caters to the needs of the students opting computer science as an individual subject.


As there is high correlation between an active mind and a healthy body the school has developed comprehensive programmes of games and sports for the student’s participation in these activities as a part of daily programme for both boarders and day boarders on compulsory basis. The students showing inclination towards a particular game or sport activity are given intensive coaching in that.


Skating rink with facilities of International Standard has been constructed for training of children to compete in tournaments.


Ultramodern swimming pool for training of children and preparing them for international competition will come up shortly.


To enable both boys and girls to face with confidence some eventuality involving some physical risk or harm, the school provides for training in Judo and Karate on compulsory basis. Players are provided special coaching in Judo and Karate as to make them fit to participate in the Championship of these games organized at National and International levels.


The child’s health is of utmost important to the school management. Besides the regular checkup of the qualified school doctor, the school has fairly good medical dispensary for the benefit of the students and the teachers alike. Cases requiring special medical treatment are immediately referred to the specialist for advice and treatment. The parents concerned are also informant about the ailment of their child immediately.

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